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September 2017
We celebrate the 25th anniversary of our company
Dezember 2013
Purchase of the software RUPLAN
September 2012
We celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company
August 2009
Website updated
March 2009
A technical employee comes to the team
February 2009
A technician extend our team
December 2008
Purchase of the second EPLAN-License
July 2008
Purchase of the software ENGINEERING BASE
A new employee is starting
September 2007
We celebrate the 15th anniversary
August 2007
Purchase of the software EPLAN
March 2007
Purchase of the software WSCAD and AUTOCAD
December 2006
Purchase of the software SIGRAPH-CAE Version 8
September 2006
We start the apprenticeship of an draftsman
February 2006
Website updated
August 2005
Another employee ist beginning
September 2002
We celebrate the 10th anniversary
September 1997
We celebrate the 5th anniversary
April 1997
We start to convert data in the CAD/CAE-Sector
September 1996
We extend our businss with the trade of hard- and software
June 1996
Purchase of the software ELCAD
November 1995
Start of our Website
August 1995
Change of the used hardware from workstation to pc
April 1993
The first employee started in the firm
September 1992
Foundation of the firm
We start the construction of electrical equipment with the software SIGRAPH-ET on workstations with the operating system UNIX